Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shopping for a Ketubah

We like to give some attention to the Ketubah and indeed to some very special ketubot!
Dorit Jordan Dotan is a modern ketubah artist from Haifa, Israel.
She owns a very fine website with online Ketubah store where her hand drawn an beautiful printed ketubot are for sale.
The store name is Shop-Ketubah.com. The ketubot of Dorit are very colorful, lively and all have various symbols of the land of Israel andJewish motifs. Some are contemporary expressions of ancient ketubot found in Jewish kehilot in the Diaspora.

I warmly recommend to have a look and pass on the link to family and friends in need of a beautiful Jewish artwork and affirmation of love: the ketubah!

Also available in Shop-Ketubah.com: Blessings and Chamsot.

Check it out!