Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hannukah miracle

Do Hannukah miracles have to be spectacular? Or can Hannukah miracles be the simple things?

My Hannukah, this year, was a miracle of simple things -- a new Hannukiah (candelabra), family togetherness, continuity, and some simple new winter garments. Aren't those things miracles too?

Galilee Silks offers garments, and accessories that are not simple. Our garments are modern, fashionable, and stylish. An addition to anyones wardrobe.

From indoor winter scarves to indoor tableclothes to woolen talitot -- Galilee Silks offers Jewish silk fashion for your indoor winter life with your family and friends during the cold season. Each or our items in our catalog are indoor miracles!

As always, Galilee Silks continues to offer traditional Jewish -- wedding, bar mitvah, bat mitvah, shabbat, Pesach, and other holiday items used throughout the Jewish year. Please, browse our full catalog, here.

Miracles come in small packages. Galilee Silks is proud to present our miracle traditional and winter items for your family.