Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moses, Korach, and Spirituality

Korach, in this weeks Torah portion (Numbers 16-18) challenged Moses for leadership of the Jewish people. This was after Moses had received the ten commandments on Mt. Sinai, and had led his people through the desert.
Korach was envious of Aaron and Moses' accomplishments. The Five Books of Moses teaches us to concentrate on our personal spirituality rather than jealousy, envy, desire and pride.
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Korach gathered 250 disciples to challenge Aaron and Moses for leadership of the Jewish people. Overnight, Aarons' staff miraculously changed into almonds -- securing Moses' leadership.
Yesterday, the Kadima party challenged the leadership of the Likud coalition by asking the Knesset (parliament) for a "no-confidence" motion. I am glad that today Israel is a democracy and challenges to leadership are done in the open (rather than in a seditious manner). GaleleeSilksJudaica.com supports Israel democracy in action.
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