Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti prayers

A few years ago, I was in a small earthquake. Afterwards, the newspapers said it was a 4.5 earthquake.
During the 4.5 earthquake (or was it 4.6?), I was terrified. The earth and floor swayed almost 90 degrees -- three times.
I felt helpless during the small earthquake. It felt like the worst amusement park ride I'd ever been in (and this time, the earthquake wasn't man-made).
Our earth is very big and powerful. You don't feel how powerful the earth is until you are in an earthquake.
The Haitian earthquake was twice and one half stronger than the earthquake I experience. I can't imagine, and don't want to imagine the feeling of helplessness during the Haitian earthquake.
Then after the Haitian earthquake -- to see your house, your street, and your town destroyed. I don't want to imagine what the Haitian earthquake and its aftermath was like.
After I saw pictures of the destroyed Haitian parliament building, I could barely watch television or view Internet pictures of the devastation (I'm sorry to report). After I saw the picture of the bulldozer shoveling nameless bodies into an empty truck, I couldn't look at pictures of the Haitian earthquake for days (the pictures reminded me of the Holocaust during World War II).
Only when miraculous rescues were reported on the radio was I able to look at pictures from Haiti. I like to see firemen, and rescue crews saving someone.
I wish I were a doctor or a nurse and could volunteer to help Haitians, and see first hand the destruction by the earthquake. My hands want to do something for people but I'm not medically trained.
I pray for everyone killed, or displaced by the Haitian earthquake. I hope they will be strong enough to rebuild their lives.