Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Turtleneck accents for winter

Tutleneck or sweaters make sense during the cold winter months. As the winter continues, it becomes time to "jazz" up your sweater. How about a simple silk necklace to add some winter cheer to your wardrobe.

Galilee silks has more silk necklaces to choose from -- on our website:


Silk necklaces are different and can be part of your workday wardrobe. Thus, gold and silver jewelry can be used for special occasions.

Silk necklaces usually elicit comments from co-workers. Where did you get that? What a good idea -- a silk necklace. Silk is fancy but not ostentatious. A silk necklace is perfect for the work environment!

Silky smooth necklaces are appropriate for the winter season. Silk has the feel, and texture of snow and ice. Silk isn't cold like snow or ice. Silk makes me think of ice skating as I glide along the ice and the self-made wind blows. How about a matching silk scarf that we also sell at http://www.galileesilks.com/index.php?cPath=30